Cravings For Sugar - Why do I crave sugar?

Why do I crave sugar? What are the causes of sugar cravings? Is it just will power that is needed to overcome the cravings for sugar, or are there more things to do? To overcome sugar cravings it is important that we have answers to these questions and know the reasons and causes for craving sugar. In this article, let us find out the most important causes of sugar cravings.

1. Serotonin

One of the most important reason for sugar cravings can be associated to Serotonin which is known as the "feel good hormone" or "happiness hormone" (despite not being a hormone) in our body. When we are physically tired or mentally low feeling depressed or sad, we will have low levels of serotonin in the body. A week digestive system or unbalanced diet will also lead to low levels of serotonin and low blood sugar. The brain then signals that the body needs a boost and this is what causes sugar cravings or carbohydrate cravings.

This is when we reachout for a choclate bar or similar product. These foods will release a short burst of serotonin in the body and will make us feel better for a short period of time. It doesnot last long and we will repeat the whole cycle again by eating more sugar.

2. Stress

Another physical cause of sugar craving arises from stress in our daily lives. When we are stressed our body will use up huge amount of energy and this cause a drain in the body's energy supply. Now the body secretes large amounts of a hormone called as Epinephrine or adrenaline signalling that it needs some energy supply. This is when we crave sugar as sugar is a source of energy and can lift us for a short period of time, but drops back very quickly. Thus consistently being under stress will lead to an upward spiral of sugar cravings.

3. Low fat diets

Low fat diets can also be a cause of craving sugar. Low fat, high carbohydrate diets can lead to insulin resistance, a condition under which the body starts ignoring insulin. If this happens, our cells will have difficulty absorbing glucose and will cause constant cravings for sugar.

These are some of the most important causes of sugar cravings. Now let us find out how to overcome the cravings for sugar in our next article Stopping Sugar Cravings. Also read about the health issues caused by the excess consumption of sugar in our article Effects Of Sugar.